clothes dryer cleaning


Dirty clothes dryer vents aren’t something that most people think about often. But the risk involved with leaving vents clogged should be a concern for every homeowner.
Clogged vents from clothes lint, dirt, dust, and other contaminants can reduce the energy efficiency of your dryer or even start a fire. As these materials build up inside clothes dryer vents, airflow is more constrained. The result? Your dryer will struggle, strain, and work harder bumping up energy costs and wearing down the dryer.
Perhaps more frightening is the hot and moist air that gets caught in a clogged clothes dryer vent. If that air can’t escape, it could catch fire on the lint inside before spreading to the rest of your home.
Don’t wait to call Duct Pros if it’s been years since you’ve had a clothes dryer cleaning! We provide spotless service to reduce those energy costs and risk of a fire.


Who wants to spend more than they need each month on energy costs? Or what homeowner would ever put their residence and those inside at risk of a dangerous house fire? Dryer vent cleaning avoids both of those issues to protect you and your investments.
For most households, clothes dryer vent cleaning once a year is sufficient. But if you use your dryer more frequently, or notice the signs below, you may need service sooner than a year:
  • Dry cycles take longer than usual
  • Even with the longer cycles, clothes still don’t get completely dry
  • Clothes are abnormally hot at the end of a cycle
  • The dryer itself is hot to touch
  • You smell something burning when the dryer is on
A vacuum cleaning system, like the one used by Duct Pros, is best at clearing out all contaminants without getting your home dirty in the process. Our powerful vacuums suck up everything that’s clogging up clothes dryer vents. We’re only satisfied when your vents are completely clean so that dryers can function at their optimal level and without fire hazards.
Most residential dryer vents only take an hour or less to clean completely, depending on the extent of the buildup inside. Homes with multiple dryer vents or commercial properties with larger systems will take longer, contingent on the exact number and size of vents.
Reliable clothes dryer cleaners will have years of experience in providing a complete clean in an efficient time frame. Be cautious of companies that claim lower rates in an unusually short amount of time. The best vent cleaning companies like Duct Pros are honest and upfront about pricing and always provide service you can count on that offers the best results.